Coordinators' corner


Hello, everyone!

The co-directors of the Center—or as we also like to say, the coordinators—are us, Jean Kollantai and Svetlana Rybushkina. As noted in the Courses section, Jean is from Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington (US) and has been at TSU since 2013 as a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy but working with the entire university, through the International Division. Svetlana is currently head of the International Division. She has extensive experience in teaching English, academic English, and translation and took over from Evgeniya Pyatovskaya, who worked for several years, under the Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Artyom Rykun, to develop the Center, as part of TSU's English milieu in the 5–100 Program. It was approved by Rector Eduard Galazhinsky at their presentation to the University in spring 2017.  We’ve been very busy before and since then trying to make everything as effective as possible, working also with Ekaterina Trifonova, director of the Language Support Center. There are many amazing people at TSU who are dedicated to their scientific and academic work and their topics, and we take pleasure in being able to assist them in getting it all 'out there' in the world!

Please note that the next section, A Path to Publication, is a guide to publishing in English that is based on our experience here. Click on each section of the path, and also see attachments that relate to academic English for various purposes and for writing and publishing in English. Part of it may become available as a translation to Russian (but not all of it can be, since it’s about English)—we encourage you to read and use it, and give us your feedback on what is useful.

And, please note again that the language of the Center is English. While Svetlana is a native speaker of Russian and Jean has had many years of studying Russian, the purpose of the Center is people being able to publish in English and present their scholarly work in English, so we keep the focus on English and communicating in English (and we do not prioritize translation). And of course we also work with international staff and postgraduate students who in fact may not speak Russian. 

Now we have added a new section to our site—Walk of Stars, featuring the work of some of the people we know who have published successfully in English (without another translator). It is definitely possible! and definitely possible to do other professional work in English—people are doing it! 

We’ll be adding more comments and information here as time goes along. You are welcome to be in touch with us about anything, at .




Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Vladislava Churuksaeva, PhD, for her dedicated work in designing the Path to Publication, working with the IT Department to ready and launch the site, designing the Walk of Stars, and generally helping things run smoothly!