Two courses are offered, Academic Writing for Publication (AWFP) and Academic English (AE). Please see their pages here for more details.

The courses are taught by Jean Kollantai, MSW, a University of California, Berkeley graduate from Anchorage, Alaska, and Seattle, Washington, who has been at TSU since 2013 helping to guide people in matters of academic English and publication in international scholarly journals.

The courses are open to TSU master’s and PhD students, faculty, staff, and laboratory members. All the classes and the materials and activities that go with them are completely in English, with no translation, and all applicants should have an intermediate level of English. Admission is after a short interview with Jean.

Let us know if you would like to be on the contact list for one of next semester’s courses (and then we’ll contact you for an interview as soon as it’s scheduled).  Also, the courses will be announced on our main page when they are scheduled, so that interested people can email for an interview.

Please note, courses or seminars about academic English and writing for publication in international journals can be arranged with specific departments, postgraduate programs, or laboratories—contact us for further information. Classes meet weekly on Zoom and require intermediate English. Attendance at every session is required.