Walk of Stars

Our sincerest congratulations to these TSU-affiliated scholars and scientists who have written and published articles in English in international journals in the last several years.  There are others at TSU as well; these are those whom we happen to know because of assisting with proofreading. 

Oksana Lekarenko, D.Sci, professor, Faculty of History and Political Sciences, is the author of “The United States–EURATOM Agreement of 1958: The Cold War Impact” in Diplomacy & Statecraft Volume 29 2018, Issue 3 (Q1 History): https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/vC5iVTgZgamYgGxcWZgg/full. Her work is the result of several years of archival research, including that as a Fulbright Fellow at the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.



Galina Ryabova, D.Sci, Principal Researcher, Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics and Professor, Physics Faculty, is the author of “Could the Geminid meteoroid stream be the result of long-term thermal fracture?” in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (Q1) June 11, 2018: https://academic.oup.com/mnras/article-abstract/479/1/1017/5035823. She is also the author of several other published articles on meteoroids.



Yury V. Kistenev, D.Sci, Professor, Deputy Vice Rector for Research, head of the Institute of Biomedicine, and head of the Laboratory of Biophotonics, is the lead author of "Diagnosis of oral lichen planus from analysis of saliva samples using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and chemometrics" (Yury Kistenev, Alexey V. Borisov, Maria A. Titarenko, Olga D. Baydik, Alexander V. Shapovalov) in Journal of Biomedical Optics (Q1) April 23, 2018: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29654638. He is also lead author of “Exhaled air analysis using wideband wave number tuning range infrared laser photoacoustic spectroscopy” (Y.V. Kistenev, A.V. Borisov, D.A. Kuzmin, O.V. Penkova, N.Y. Kostukova, A.A. Karapuzikov) in Journal of Biomedical Optics (Q1) January 1, 2017.



Bair O. Tsydenov, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Senior Research Fellow, Computational Geophysics Laboratory TSU, is the first author of “The effects of wind and diurnal variability of surface heat fluxes on riverine thermal bar dynamics: a numerical experiment” (Tsydenov, B.O., Starchenko, A.V., Kay, A.) in Inland Waters (Q1): https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/Z6rQWT5yfxxY6iEZYx5W/full

and “Numerical Modeling of the Spring Thermal Bar and Pollutant Transport in a Large Lake” (Tsydenov, B., Starchenko, A. and Kay, A.) in Ocean Modelling (Q1, 99%ile): https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1463500316300464?via%3Dihub

and author of “Numerical modeling of the autumnal thermal bar” in Journal of Marine systems (Q1): https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0924796317302932?via%3Dihub

as well as 3 recent articles in Proceedings of SPIE.



Alexandra Gombozhapova, MD, Research Fellow, Dept. of Cardiac Emergency, Cardiology Research Institute, is the second author (and English lead) of “Cardiac CD68+ and stabilin-1+ macrophages in wound healing following myocardial infarction: From experiment to clinic” (V. Ryabov, A. Gombozhapova, Y. Rogovskaya, J. Kzhyshkowska, M. Rebenkova, R. Karpov) in Immunobiology (Q2):

She presented the work at Acute Cardiovascular Care, Milan, Italy in March 2018. She is also the first author of “Macrophage activation and polarization in post-infarction cardiac remodeling” (Gombozhpaova, A., Rogovskaya, Y., Shurupov, V., Kzhyshkowska, J., Popov, S., Karpov, R.S., and Ryabov, V.) in Journal of Biomedical Science (Q1): https://doi.org/10.1186/s12929-017-0322-3



Olga Zvonareva, PhD, Dept. of Health, Ethics and Society, Maastricht University, Research Centre for Policy Analysis and Technologies, and Central Research and Development Laboratory, Siberian State Medical University, is the co-editor and co-author of Navigating uncertainties. Health innovations and politics in post-Soviet countries (Olga Zvonareva, Evgenia Popova, Klasien Horstman, eds.), 2018:

http://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9783319641485. The book contains 10 chapters written by 10 different authors from the RF, Ukraine, Netherlands, and Germany, including Zvonareva, Evgenia Popova (see below), and Alena Kamenshchikova (see below) who are connected with TSU.

She is also the author of the articles “Experiencing syndemic: disentangling biosocial complexity of tuberculosis through qualitative research” (Zvonareva et al.)

Journal of Biosocial Science (Q2): https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-biosocial-science/article/experiencing-syndemic-disentangling-the-biosocial-complexity-of-tuberculosis-through-qualitative-research/C1C1B9B1EFE50D99A1712950A562A468 

and “Life by the river: neglected worm infection in Western Siberia and pitfalls of a one-size-fits-all control approach” in Critical Public Health (Q1): https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09581596.2017.1378425.

(It was accepted on the first submission “in its current form,” a very rare event!)



Alena Kamenshchikova, PhD Researcher, Department of Health, Ethics and Society, School of Public Health and Primary Care (CAPHRI), Maastricht University, and Research Centre for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies (PAST Centre) TSU, is lead author of “Antimicrobial resistance surveillance among non-hospitalized refugees: perspectives of microbiologists, public health professionals, and refugees” (Alena Kamenshchikova, Christian Hoebe, Petra Wolffs, Klasien Horstman) in Social Science and Medicine (Q1): https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S027795361830368X



Vitaly Ogleznev, D.Sci, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Logic and History of Philosophy, was first author of “The Constitution as an Axiomatic System” (Ogleznev, V., and Surovtsev, V.) in Axiomathes (Q2): https://doi.org/10.1007/s10516-017-9359-x . Now he is the author of “Friedrich Waismann’s Open Texture Argument and Definability of Empirical Concepts”, currently in press in Philosophia (United States) (Springer Netherlands, Q2); and “The Nature and Potential Applications of Contextual Definitions in Philosophy of Law”, in Filosofija, Sociolojia (2021, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences Publishers, Q2).



Yulia Tikhomirova, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology, Faculty of Philology, is the author of “Translation in Russian Contexts: Culture, Politics, Identity”, a chapter in the book Translation in Russian Contexts (ed. B.J. Baer, S. Witt, Taylor & Francis): https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/e/9781315305349 . She is also the author of "The father of Russian Romanticism’s literary translingualism: Vasilii Zhukovskii’s German compositions and self-translations", an article in Translation Studies (Q1), coauthored with Prof. Natalia Nikonova :  https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14781700.2018.1434085?journalCode=rtrs20 



Vera Tuguldurova, PhD student in Chemistry, was the lead author of “Acetaldehyde–Ammonia Interaction: A DFT Study of Reaction Mechanism and Product Identification” (Vera P. Tuguldurova, Alexander V. Fateev, Victor S. Malkov, Oleg Kh. Poleshchuk, Olga V. Vodyankina) in The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (Q2): https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.jpca.7b00823 . She is now the first author of "The Reaction of acetaldehyde, glyoxal, and ammonia to yield 2-methylimidazol: thermodynamic and kinetic analyses of the mechanism" (V. Tuguldurova, O. Vodyankina, A. Fateev) in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2022, 24(16), Royal Society of Chemistry, Q1).



Irina Kurzina, D.Sci, Professor, Department of Physical and Colloidal Chemistry and Executive Director, StrAU Institute of Smart Materials and Technologies, is among the authors of “Influence of the composition, structure, and physical and chemical properties of aluminium oxide-based sorbents on water adsorption ability” (R.A. Zotov, E.P. Meshcheryakov, A.V. Livanova, T.S. Minakova, O.V. Magaev, L.A. Isupova, I.A. Kurzina) in Materials (Q2): https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1944/11/1/132

Irina Kurzina, D.Sci, is among the authors of “Photocatalytic activity of the iron-containing natural composites in the reaction of oxidative destruction of oxalic acid and phenol” (Naumova L., Gorlenko N., Kurzina I.A.) in Environments: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3298/5/1/16

Irina Kurzina, D.Sci, is among the authors of “Influence of Modifying Mixtures on SI Crystal formation in an A356 Alloy” (A. Zykova, L. Kazantseva, N. Popova, A. Vorozhtsov, I. Kurzina) in Metals (Q2): https://www.mdpi.com/2075-4701/8/2/98



Grigoriy Mamontov, PhD, Laboratory of Catalytic Research, and Maria Grabchenko, Laboratory of Catalytic Research, are lead authors of “Ethanol dehydrogenation over Ag-CeO2/SiO2 catalyst: Role of Ag-CeO2 interface” (Mamontov, G.V., Grabchenko, M.V., Sobolev, V.I. and Zaikovskii, V.I., Vodyankina O.V.) in Applied Catalysis A: General (Q1): https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0926860X16304975



Venera Kusherbaeva, 2nd-year PhD student, Laboratory of Organic Synthesis, is the English lead for “Isolation, Identification, and Chromatographic Separation of N-Methyl Derivatives of Glycoluril” (D.A. Kurgachev, O.A. Kotelnikov, D.V. Novikov, V.R. Kusherbaeva, S.I. Gorbin, E.V. Tomilova, A. Zhaksynbaeva, N.B. Dementeva, V.S. Malkov, A.A. Babikaev) in Chromatographia (Q2): https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10337-018-3599-9 .



Evgeniy Borisov, D.Sci, Associate Professor, Department of the History and Philosophy of Logic, is the author of  “How do we use definite descriptions to express singular propositions?” in Problemos (Q2): http://www.zurnalai.vu.lt/problemos/article/viewFile/2916/2064



Vladimir Rumyantsev, D.Sci, Professor and Doctor of History, Head of the Department of Contemporary History and International Relations, is the author of “Unrequited interdependence? The Anglo-American collision over the supply of missiles to Israel, 1960-1962” in Journal of Transatlantic Studies (Q1): https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/14794012.2016.1200302?journalCode=rjts20



Olga Ustyuzhantseva, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies (TSU), is the author of “Internationalisation in a non-market environment: The case of Russia”, a chapter in The Globalisation of Internationalisation: Emerging Voices and Perspectives (Routledge):


and “Studies of inclusive innovation in sociotechnical systems: The cases of Russia and India” in Innovation and Development (Q2): https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/2157930X.2017.1281359?journalCode=riad20 and “Institutionalization of grassroots innovation in India” (2015, Q1) and “From policy statements to real policy” (2014, Q2) in Current Science. She is now the author of "Ontological Revision of Grassroots Innovation: Conceptualizing the Phenomenon" in press 2021 in Innovation and Development (Q2).



Natalia Forrat, PhD, a graduate of TSU and Northwestern University (Chicago, US) and now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan, is the author of “Shock-Resistant Authoritarianism: Schoolteachers and Infrastructural State Capacity in Putin’s Russia” in Comparative Politics (Q1) 50 (3): 417-449: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/cuny/cp/2018/00000050/00000003/art00009, and “The Political Economy of Russian Higher Education: Why Does Putin Support Research Universities?” in Post-Soviet Affairs (Q1) 32 (4): 299–337: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/1060586X.2015.1051749



Natalya Karnaukhova, Senior Lecturer, Department of Communications, and Ekaterina Polyanskaya, Senior Lecturer, Department of Communications, were the authors of “Communication and reputation as essentials for the positioning of an organization” in AI and Society (Q2): https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00146-015-0621-8. They are now the authors of "Culture codes of scientific concepts in global scientific online discourse" in AI and Society, 2020 (35)3, Q1.



Anastasiia Peshkovskaya, Research Associate, Laboratory of Experimental Methods in Cognitive and Social Sciences, is the lead author of “The socialization effect on decision making in the Prisoners’ Dilemma game: an eye-tracking study” (Peshkovskaya, Anastasiia, Tatiana S. Babkina, Mikhail G. Myagkov, Ivan A. Kulikov, Ksenia V. Eshkova) in PLoS One (Q1): https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article/file?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0175492&type=printable



Anna Kitaeva, D.Sci, Professor, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Alexandra Zhukovskaya, student, and Oleg A. Zmeev, D.Sci, Vice-Rector for IT Development and Head of the Software Engineering Department, are the authors of “Compound Poisson demand with price-dependent intensity for fast moving items: price optimization and parameters estimation” in International Journal of Production Research (Q1): https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00207543.2016.1257168



Dmitry Karlovets, PhD, Senior Researcher, Faculty of Physics, is the author or co-author of a number of articles, including “Possibility to Probe Negative Values of a Wigner Function in Scattering of a Coherent Superposition of Electronic Wave Packets by Atoms” (Dmitry V. Karlovets, Valeriy G. Serbo) in Physical Review Letters (Q1):


and “Relativistic vortex electrons: Paraxial versus nonparaxial regimes” (D. Karlovets) in Physical Review A (Q1): https://journals.aps.org/pra/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevA.98.012137

Although Dmitry did his work independently, not in connection with the Center, we invited him to share it here as another example of what people at TSU are doing!



Manfredo Turcios Casco, 1st-year student in the Biodiversity master’s program, from Honduras, is the author of “Occurrence of Hylonycteris underwoodi (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae) and Thyroptera tricolor (Chiroptera, Thyropteridae) in Honduras” (Manfredo Alejandro Turcios-Casco and Arnulfo Medina-Fitoria) in Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment (Q2): https://doi.org/10.1080/01650521.2018.1544205, based on his field research on bats.



Yulia Frank, PhD, Director of Research Center Microplastic Siberia (TSU Biological Institute), is the co-author of “Ontogenetic Transfer of Microplastics in Bloodsucking Mosquitoes Aedes aegypti L. (Diptera: Culcidae) Is a Potential Pathway for Particle Distribution in the Environment”, with A. Simakova, A. Varenitsiya, I. Babkina, Yu. Andreeva, R. Bagirov, V. Yartsev) in Water (MDPI, Q2), https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4441/14/12/1852



Maxim Orlov, PhD, TSU Scientific Research Institute of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics, is the co-author of the abstract “Behaviour of multi-layered plates impacted by high-velocity projectiles”, with V.P. Glazyrin and T.V. Fazylov, in the publication of the 3rd International Conference on Impact Loading of Structures and Materials ICILSM 2022, Trondheim, Norway https://www.ntnu.edu/icilsm2022 pp. 65-66.