Our services : Proofreading articles for publication

Please see the request form for this below, which should be completed in English and emailed to us. The article must be in English, written or translated to some extent by the author(s)(not an outside translator), and have a specific target journal for which the author has read and tried to follow the style and preparation requirements.

This work is currently done by email, using Track Change, but (as in the past) direct involvement of the author on Zoom or Skype may be needed in going sentence by sentence to check the English while maintaining or improving scientific accuracy. In any case, the author determines the final version to be submitted and informs the Center of the result; the service includes reviewing any content revisions requested by the journal. The author's ability to work directly on the proofreading is required.

This service does not include checking or formatting post-text references or technical requirements about tables, figures, and equations.

For this service, the author’s primary or secondary affiliation with TSU for the article is required. If there are co-authors, the requesting co-author's authority to finalize the article for submission is required.  

Also, this service sometimes includes review of English-language material that will be placed on a TSU website or used in recruitment or international presentations.


File proofreading_request.docx